Results Of The 2009 Gummy Awards!

Hopefully you are wearing your tuxedo, because it is time to present the winners of the 2009 Gummy Awards. Of course, hopefully you are always wearing your tuxedo, because what is this? A circus for children? No. We are all adults here, let’s act like it. Anyway, without any further ado or red carpet interviews from Ryan “Straightface” Seacrest, we proudly present the 2009 Gummy Awards winners at

Dreams really do come true! Congratulations to everyone! And a special congratulations to Tom Callahan, winner of the Grand Prize, which included the top 50 LPs of the decade on vinyl, an Apple TV, and a bottle of 2009 Chateau Peanut Riesling. You can even follow him on Twitter! I mean, if you want!

Please definitely head over to the Official Awards Page for a thorough breakdown of this year’s winners and nominees, as well as some pretty neat CELEBRITY BALLOTS (you love celebrities! You want to kiss them with your mouth!) from Patton Oswalt, Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari, Michael Showalter, Fred Armisen, Margaret Cho, and various members of famous indie rock bands! Very cool. It’s like that part in Good Will Hunting: Do you like cool beans? Well how do you like these cool beans?