You Guys, we Should Buy More Target

I guess I am a little late on this, but Target is running a series of holiday ads starring Maria Bamford, and they are so weird and hilarious!

Like, if you don’t know who Maria Bamford is (and if you don’t know, you need to GOGGLE IT!) then this just seems like a mildly-amusing advertisement about some great holiday gift ideas from one of our nation’s most successful big box retailers starring a middle-aged woman who seems very on edge. But if you know who Maria Bamford is then the whole thing feels like some kind of secret clever trick being played on the world. She is doing a voice that sounds like a normal voice but in reality it is a parody of a normal voice by someone with an unusual voice. Because Christmas!

A bunch more after the jump:

It is very odd to feel like a Target commercial is subversive and mildly exciting. Or at least I’m assuming that it would be odd. Only some kind of a nerd would feel that way, so I don’t even know what feelings are. LACROSSE! (Via