Look At All Of These Racists!

Lots Of Love! This is probably the best PSA that I have ever seen. Someone should call the Dean of Logic College and tell him to resign, because there is a new Dean in town (Logic Town), and it is this video. You see, none of these complete strangers could possibly be racist because…oh wait, it turns out I have absolutely no way to tell one way or the other whether these people are racist or not. The best part is how the whole video is a counter-point to the statistic that 12 percent of voters believe opponents to Obama’s health care plan are racist. Huh?! I mean, I’m not trying to blow your minds with my cool math, but the argument you seem to be making would be way stronger if Rasmussen was reporting that 100 percent of voters believe that 100 percent of those who disagreed with Obama’s health care proposals were racist. As it stands, it really looks like you found all of the racists that those 12 percent of people believe exist (seriously, what a complicated statistic!) and got them to say it out loud! Good work on getting that one black guy in there right at the end, though. Phew! Close call. You should rest your case. “Black guy, your honor.”

Sorry, I know that there is nothing lamer than explaining jokes. Which is what this video is. A joke. Oh, there I go doing it again!