Women Be Shootin’ (And Then Shoppin’)

Shooting isn’t just for men anymore. Now it is also for women. Men and women. One of the things that seems to appeal to women most about shooting is the ways in which their new hobby can dovetail with their love of looking great, and with their love of shooting anyone who threatens their tow-headed child in the face. As long as their husbands aren’t home. Obviously, if their husbands are home, all of this becomes moot. Or at least recreational. Something to do before heading over to the garment district (aka Dream Neighborhood) with the ladies. “You gals want to get get together and shoot some hollowpoint bullets with the new guns that we fucking bought without even bothering to try them out such was our confidence in our desire to own these goddamn guns before heading over to Filene’s Basement to look at SPANX and BLOUSES?” That is just one of the regular everyday things you will hear someone say in today’s modern unisex gun ranges.