How Do You Say “We’re Sorry, For Everything” In Spanish?

Spanish Movie trailer, you guys:

We did this. This is our fault. And I think we owe Spain an apology. I’ve drafted one using Babel Fish. I’m sure that it’s basically perfect and can just be sent directly to King Juan Carlos (El King!).

Estimada España,

Aunque América haya hecho las porciones de cosas tremendas en el pasado, la exportación de nuestros parodiar terrible equivocados de la basura puede ser una del peor. Significo, nuestra fricción del mundo moderno en una guerra en Iraq injustificada era probablemente abuso peor, y nuestro egoísta del world’ los recursos de s son probablemente peores, pero usted sabe lo que significo. ¡Esto es bastante malo! Así pues, a nombre todos nosotros, quisiera disculparme por eso. Debemos haber sabido mejor. Aunque usted deba haber sabido mejor, también. Pero principalmente debemos haber sabido mejor. ¡Apesadumbrado!

Estafa Gabeolito Con Delahaye

We should print this on nice paper and everything. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, a translation after the jump (also via Babel Fish! Muchel Grazo, Babel Fish!)

Dear Spain,

Although America has made the portions of tremendous things in the past, the export of our parodiar terrible mistaken of the sweepings can be one of the worse one. I mean, our friction of the modern world in a war in unwarranted Iraq era probably worse abuse, and our egoist of world’ the resources of s are probably worse, but you know what I mean. This is quite bad! Therefore, to name all we, would want to excuse to me for that reason. We must have known better. Although you must have known better, also. But mainly we must have known better. Grieved!

Swindle Gabeolito Con Delahaye

It’s weird that Spanish people sign their letters “swindle,” and that their language apparently makes no sense. Oh well. I tried! Oh, also, here is a list of the movies being parodied in this movie (via Vulture):

  • El Orfanato (The Orphanage)
  • Los Otros (The Others)
  • [REC] / ([REC] / Quarantine)
  • Volver (Volver)
  • Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside)
  • El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
  • Alatriste (Alatriste)
  • Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes / Vanilla Sky)

Also No Country for Old Men? I guess Javier Bardem basically makes that movie Property of Spain XXL. And fair enough.