Saturday Night Live: Shy Ronnie, My Ninjas!

Whoa. How did Blake Lively (Blake Lively!) manage to score the best episode of Saturday Night Live this season? She stole that honor away from two-week-record-holder Joseph Gordon Levitt, and that dude can do a backflip without even slipping in his own panic sweat. Well, actually, there are two ways in which Blake Lively managed to deliver: the first is that she was surprisingly good! She seemed game for just about anything! And once we got past the opening monologue (which could just as easily have been called the opening YIKESohWHAT?) she was capable of holding her own in the sketches. Of course, the second trick is that they pulled the old January Jones on her and kept her performance time limited. She wasn’t even in two of the best sketches. But whatever. Congratulations, Blake Lively.

Speaking of Best Sketches, you guys saw the Gathering of the Juggalos parody, right?

Um, that thing blew tens, literally tens of minds on Saturday night. Incredible. It was like a gift just for us! But I’m sure that people who didn’t understand what this was did some research on-line and totally get it now. Welcome to the club!

And see what I mean about Blake Lively being willing to goof around?

She can goof! You did not see Taylor Swift goofing around like this. I guess J-Jonez had that farting sketch, but she seemed to only begrudgingly participate in that, and it was as much a goof on Grace Kelly (2009’s most googled celebrity) as it was on January. Like, the takeaway is that she looks really pretty like one of the prettiest women who’s ever lived? Haha I get it! (Also, I wish that Gossip Girl: Staten Island was a real show, no joke.)

This week’s Digital Short was also very good! Very good digital Short!

Speaking of Rihanna…

Lady Gaga called. She wants her “nice try” back. (Nailed it.)

But maybe the best and most surprising sketch of the night (well, second best and second most surprising after the Juggalos parody) was the final sketch (known in the late night cultural touchstone sketch comedy business as “the writers’ sketch”), which was so unapologetically weird, and also so unapologetically HILARIOUS.

Great. Sincerely.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Ass Dan.