Brooklyn We Go Hard: The Movie

Brooklyn’s Finest trailer, you guys:

I think this movie looks good, but I’m nervous that this is just the American Gangster effect. Do you remember the trailers for American Gangster? They featured a Jay-Z song, too, and no matter how good the entire movie might be, you just kind of knew that it would never be any better than those two exciting minutes (unless maybe the Jay-Z song played in a constant loop running throughout the movie, but that was unlikely). In more important news, what happened to Ethan Hawke? Is it even possible for him to get cast as a human being who isn’t an unraveling disaster anymore? Between this and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, I’m fully convinced that Ethan Hawke lives in his car and is just waiting for the right moment to murder his mom for the insurance money. Reality bites, indeed!