Thursday Night TV Open Thread

One of the best pieces of news about the sixth and final season of Lost, premiering February 2nd, 2010, is that it’s going to air on Tuesdays. I know that I talk about this as if it was something that was interesting when in fact it is very boring, but there is too much TV on Thursday nights. Spread it out, Doc Hollywood! Last night I set my DVR to record a new MTV show (it could have been anything, probably) and the recording conflicted with, like, four other shows. C’mon, son! Anyway, I am just saying that I think some consideration should be given towards not making the other days of the week feel so bad about themselves for being so boring TV-wise, because what is most important is pretending that days have feelings (what is going ON here?) and also making sure that you never have a single night where you don’t feel compelled to abandon actual human interaction in order to passively sit in front of the television. Sometimes you have to stop and watch the roses. Sorry, not sometimes. Every time. (HUHHHH?)

ANYHOW. Let’s talk about last night!

Community: good. I am still just vibing on this show (“vibing” is a term I picked up from this new MTV show I watched last night, who even knows what it was though). I do think that they could tweak Jeff’s character to make him a little less ham-fistedly sarcastic all the time, and I don’t even know where to begin with Britta, but these are just criticisms from someone who probably doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. But Troy and Abed are great together, and Chevy Chase is basically making every comedian under 80 (that’s how old he is, right?) look bad right now. WE BETTER DRUMLINE!

The Office was as painful as The Office has ever been. Is it just me, or is that show becoming borderline unwatchable? I love cringe-comedy as much as the next guy who really loves cringe-comedy a lot, but yikes. “Where am I supposed to get a Xanax prescription at this time of night?!” Obviously, the Scott’s Tots storyline was just too-too, but even Jim these days has become impossibly unlikable, and it’s like, I get it, DOWN WITH THE MAN, but is there anyone left to root for on this show besides Andy? Go Andy!

But the real winner of the evening (Winner! Thursday Sitcomolympics!) was definitely 30 Rock. It is true that sometimes I gush about this show in a manner that is more reliant on the over-arching quality of the series than in the specifics of a particular episode, but last night’s episode was Top of the Rock! Easily the best of the season so far. FACT. Wall-to-wall-laffs. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

And don’t forget the Easter egg for the superfans during Parks and Recreation! Doctor Richard Dunn!

Hi, Richard Dunn!

I haven’t watched The league yet (DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME THERE IS IN A DAY? NOT THAT MUCH OF IT!) but I have really been enjoying that show. Was it good? I’m just going to assume it was good. Great show last night, The League!

OK, your turn.