Mark Wahlberg Buries The Lede

Mark Wahlberg was interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, and naturally, the conversation turned to Entourage, which Wahlberg created and executive produces, because you can only ask questions about horrific child-rape-murder for so long. Let’s just say he gives us all a lot of hope for the future. From Reuters:

Asked about the future of the comedy series, which recently was picked up for a sixth cycle, Wahlberg indicated that he believes there are two more seasons left in the show.

“We’ll see; there could be more,” he said at the premiere of Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones,” in which he has a starring role. “But then,” Wahlberg added, “a movie.”

Who knows how many seasons of this show there will be. Mark Wahlberg feels like it has two left, but he knows as well as anyone that it could be as many as 17,000 seasons. One of the great things about Entourage is that since it never changes and is devoid of any kind of dramatic sakes or tension, you could literally keep it on the air forever and no one would know the difference. “Is this a rerun?” “I don’t have any idea.” “No one does.”

Oh but look, I am doing the same thing that Mark Wahlberg did. Ignoring the important thing you’d be most interested in hearing/talking about until so late that you’ve probably already stopped reading.


I wonder what the plot will be?! It will probably be something really interesting and intense, like, Johnny Drama wants to make his baby bro’s perfect breakfast, but they’re all out of Ed Hardy Eggs in the pool house, so he asks Turtle to drive him to the grocery boutique, but on the way there they accidentally fuck a couple of prostitutes in exchange for some weed, and Drama loses his wallet. The rest of the movie is a hilarious goose chase to find Drama’s wallet, but in the end, Vinnie Chase just buys Drama a new wallet. And then they all fly to Cabo and ride mini-motorcycles around in circles until the cocaine burns their dicks off. Will E come with them to Cabo? He says no, but then he does. (Sloane has been eaten. By a bear. Or a shark. Anything. Would something please eat Sloane to death?)

There’s no way for us to know what the plot to the Entourage movie will be, but we do know the tagline will be.

Entourage: The Movie
Fuuuuuuck Yoouuuuuuuu.

Because fuck us.