That’s Your Husband: Guy Who Twitters/Facebooks At The Altar

When you’re in a serious relationship, you often develop an affection for the other person’s flaws as well as their charms. You realize at a certain point that you are in love with the whole package and that you couldn’t separate any of the things that make that special someone so special without making them into someone else, someone who you aren’t in love with. And so, for example, at the very moment of your human face-to-face consummation of your love and your mutual dedication when your loved one indulges in his or her obsessive compulsive need to engage in a simulacrum of a social community via on-line networking websites on his cellphone, which you had been wondering why he was bringing his cellphone with him to the alter in the first place as if he was going to receive an important call, but now you are realizing that it was because he wanted to hold off on the celebration with you for just a moment longer in order to let complete strangers know that he was about to celebrate a thing that was mostly none of their business otherwise they probably would have actually been invited, you love him for it all the more. It’s your special day! And he is your man! LOL smiley face. #married. CONGRATULATIONS! (Thanks for the tip, Ambar.)