David After Dentist, Behold Your Legacy!

When “David After Dentist” first appeared, it definitely raised some people’s moral hackles, and began an impassioned public dialog. Was it appropriate to videotape your children and put those videotapes on the Internet where anyone could see them? More importantly, should children even be allowed to go to the dentist?! What is the difference between taking a child to the dentist and that scene in Traffic where Michael Douglas’s daughter fucks that dude for crack money? Is there a difference? That is almost word-for-word the argument that America was having last February. People were outraged! But whether or not you thought “David After Dentist” was harmless and funny or dangerous and basically the aforementioned scene in Steven Soderbergh’s Academy Award-winning film Traffic when Michael Douglas’s daughter fucks that guy for crack, what no one predicted was the very dental hygiene-specific way in which that dental hygiene related viral video would inspire other parents of questionable repute to make their own dental hygiene related viral videos, involving their children, loose teeth, twine, and radio-controlled cars.


I could not even watch this video until the end. Did the little girl’s (allegedly) loose tooth come out at the end? Did the mother and father get taken to PRISON at the end? David After Dentist, BEHOLD YOUR LEGACY! This is what thou….ist?….wrought!

I am not sure how David After Dentist sleeps at night. Probably in a race car bed. (Thanks for the tip, Sara.)