You Guys, Let’s Have A Videogum Video Pizza Party For Real!

Monsters! It is time for you to come out of your secret caves. Just for one night, and then you can go back into your secret caves, no questions asked. No one will ask you “Hey, where is your secret cave?” or “Why don’t you ever leave your secret cave, don’t you get lonely?” That is your business!

In two weeks from tonight, Tuesday, December 15th, we are having a Videogum Video Pizza Party! You will have a chance to meet some of your fellow monsters and, well, that’s mostly it. I mean, we’re not planning any mandatory games or anything. If you want helicopter rides and seminars, you know where to go. Besides, we’re all adults here. We’re especially all adults in two weeks, because the Pizza Party will be held at a bar called Heathers, in Manhattan USA, so this is a 21+ event. Sorry, baby monsters, but you have to be adult tall if you want to get on this big boy ride. (Yikes. Sorry! Please don’t let what I just said deter you from attending!)

Details after the jump!

Where: Heathers Bar, 506 E. 13th Street, New York, America
When: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
Time: 7PM until QUESTION MARK (duh)!

And more!

There will be drink specials and the aforementioned pizzas, as well as DJ’ing from the Stereogum iPod. NEAT! I really hope that you will join us. iMark your e-Cals! I am sure that I did that right.

Now available in Facebook! See you there!

UPDATE: Thanks to Videogum reader Tatyana, Two Boots will be providing all the pizza for you monsters to consume. Three cheers for Two Boots, Official Sponsor Of The Videogum Pizza Party For Real ’09.