NSFW: Dragon’s Age: Origins’s Gay Elf Nerd Video Game Sex Scene

There is a scene in a new Playstation 3 game called Dragon’s Age: Origins that some nerds have discovered (as if anyone else discovers anything) where if you enter the right combination of verbal responses to an elf’s leading suggestions, your elf and this other elf, both men elves (men elves? Sure!) start, you know, SEXTing IRL. Personally, my favorite part, besides the music and also the fact that it exists, is how they have their gay-elf-nerd sex next to a roaring fire but when they are…you know…done, they take their gay-elf-nerd leave of each other and there are clearly lots of people (“people”) standing around? Including one warrior who is made of electricity or whatever? In the Magic Dragon Forest, elves just go for it out in the open, and they do not care what kind of Enchanted Warriors might be standing watch two feet away. I guess it makes sense, though, that two gay-elf-nerd warriors can have anal sex out in the open because people and/or mythological beasts are just a lot cooler with it over in the Magic Dragon Sex Forest than they are here.

Watch the gay elf nerd sex scene from Dragon’s Age: Origins after the jump:

I’m kind of glad that this is happening now instead of a few years ago when it would be wall-to-wall “Brokeback Dragons” references, or whatever. Remember that? How in 2006, everything even remotely gay-themed was “Brokeback”? That was annoying! Although, I do think it would be funny for someone to say “I wish I knew how to save and quit you!” But no one is going to say that. (Via Dlisted.)

P.S. Good Morning, Vietnam!