Operation Watch This: Patton Oswalt As Tommy Wiseau

Wait, is that really how Tommy Wiseau makes his film(s)? As money-laundering scheme(s)? I guess that would make sense. Although I am not sure how the money gets laundered. It starts out as drug money, and then 10 years later some of it comes back in the form of a Neighborhoodies t-shirt or something? I’m sure that fluke midnight-screening cult classic revenues were built into the business model.

Oh, and in addition to Jon Hamm (that’s Jon Hamm, right? He should work on his off-season haircut! Friendly suggestion!) this video also features an Easter egg for the superfans: Videogum contributor Julie Klausner. Oh hi, Julie! Get it? Someone in The Room also says hi to someone.

(Thanks for the tip, JCA.)