Thank(sgiving) You, Monsters

It’s genuinely nice to have an opportunity to take a moment off from speaking truth to Big Jeff Dunham and crossing out days on my Lost countdown calendars (only 1,632 hours until Feb 2!!!) to pause and reflect and give thanks for the good things in this world. Because there are good things! Lots of them! Sometimes almost too many! It can be overwhelming. Ice cream and cake and cake, ice cream and cake and cake, do the ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, indeed.

And one of the things that I am the most thankful for this year is you, the monsters. I do not say it very often because I am too wrapped up in making inside jokes that are mostly only funny to me about what part of the human hand this or that Top Chef contestant’s head looks like, or whatever, but I cannot express to you how much I appreciate you reading this site and posting comments and sending tips and starting your own weird secret Jukt Micronics chat rooms. But I will try: I appreciate it very very much! I really think that Videogum is one of the best places on the Internet these days, and that is due in no small part to the community that we have built AS A FAMILY.

So, you know, thanks guys. And have a great Thanksgiving!