Duh Aficionado Magazine: MTV’s Jersey Shore Is Offensive Trash Television

A national Italian-American organization has announced that they find the upcoming MTV show Jersey Shore to be “offensive” and “trash television.” Well, duh. From the AP:

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – A national Italian-American organization based in New Jersey says an MTV reality show that depicts Italian-American beachgoers as the “hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos” is offensive and should be scrapped before it airs.

UNICO National said Tuesday that “Jersey Shore” relies on crude stereotypes and highlights cursing, bad behavior and violence in depicting renters at a New Jersey beach house.

An MTV promo says the participants “keep their hair high, their muscles juiced and their fists pumping all summer long!”

UNICO President Andre DiMino calls the show “trash television.”

You really don’t have to be Italian-American to agree with the outrage over this show, although speaking from experience, if you aren’t Italian-American then the outrage might manifest itself less in open letters of public protest and more in rushing to your DVR to program the shit out of it. And the truth is that most television these days is “offensive” “trash television.” Everyone looks terrible, because we live in a world of non-denominational monsters. So relax, Italian-Americans! Oops, excuse me. I mean, FORGETABOUTTITIT!