“Christian Side Hug,” By Popular Demand

Today, well not today, but tomorrow, but kind of today, is about reflecting on the past year and putting things back into perspective, because life is precious, and God, and turkey, and your family, and the Bible. It’s also about the spirit of sharing and generosity, and engaging in the social construct with your fellow man. It started when the pilgrims set aside their smallpox blankets for one day, and provided the savage Indians with mashed smallpox and candied smallpox. So who am I to stare into the face of this tradition and deny giving my fellow man (or woman! We are all super equal now give or take a couple of glass ceilings, political movements against some of us’s right to marry, and institutional racism). And so, here is what you want, clearly. Give you dat Christian Side Hug!

Thanks for the tip, Daniel, Zach, Paul, Chris, and Carolyn!