The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: Louis C.K.’s Last Chance

As a self-made promo for his new FX show starting in March, Louis C.K. has released this video about taking his career to the next level. It is verbally very NSFW, so headphones UP!

Haha. Oh phew! I am glad that Louis C.K. does not have to have two guys shit in his mouth while a man gives him a tickle-fart and two parrot dicks double-penetrate his shoulders, or whatever. Hey, what time is it? 9:30 AM? Perfect. We’re already doing great today. Don’t look at me like that. What, you can only watch stuff like this at night? When you have your special robe on? Now who is the creep? You are the creep. Probably. (Thanks for the tip, Rand.)