Leave Katie Couric Alone!

This picture of Miss Katie dancing at a 2006 party celebrating her ascension to the Evening News has been iMaking the e-rounds today, and everyone apparently thinks that it is so funny, but I don’t think it is funny at all. For one thing, there is nothing more horrible than images of white people dancing, and none of us are safe from its terrors (except those of us who are not white, which at Videogum is what, like three of us?). Whether in still photographs, or in club footage on the Real World, white people having just enough alcohol in their system to truly let their guard down and just enough confidence (confidence brought about by, say, being named the newest anchor of the CBS Evening News) to not grab the camera out of someone’s hand and smash it on the dance floor is exactly how tragedies are made. In that sense, today we are all Katie Couric.

But even more importantly: let the lady have some fun! It’s not every day that she can just turn off the complicated pneumatic tubing system that holds her face together and just relax. Robots almost never get to have any fun! It’s always “I’m a robot this,” and “does not compute that.” And also robots deserve privacy just as much as the rest of us. And other jokes about Katie Couric being a robot! LEAVE THAT WEIRD ROBOT ALONE!