The Seinfeld Reunion On Curb Your Enthusiasm

So, last night’s season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm featured the much-anticipated Seinfeld reunion. Basically. And for all of the meta bells and self-aware whistles of the season’s teasing out of the Seinfeld reunion as a clever conceit within Curb Your Enthusiasm, in the end it was basically a straight-forward Seinfeld reunion! So that was nice, I guess. You guys probably loved it. They look older! But they can still speak English!

And this part was funny:

But I think that the real problem with this entire season (and there was a real problem with this entire season) was the non-Seinfeld stuff, of which there was plenty. Don’t even get me started (don’t even!) on the episode where Larry ended up dangling off of a roof holding onto a girl’s chubby waist, or that mildly despicable women’s-underwear-as-cover-up-for-routine-infidelity plotline. More like Curb You’re A Couple Of Assholes! And I know that this show is always full of yelling, but was there more yelling than usual this season? Everyone was always yelling. Instantaneously. About things that made no sense.

Like last night’s plotline about the coffee guy and the favors? With these elaborate rules about what is and is not a favor or is owed for a favor? Even Jerry Seinfeld has an opinion about this, and will yell in Larry’s face about coffee man favors. Why did the coffee man have a cart at Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s house anyway?! “You guys want to come over for a coffee party to celebrate Jason Alexander’s acting book? We can all stand around and yell at each other about rich people problems.” I like this show, and I think Larry David is TBS, but this season was a little bit much. I mean, I know I only spent a few days in LA last month, but is that really what it is like over there? No wonder medical marijuana is such a big industry. CHILLLLLL.

Right guys? Guys?