World’s Greatest Freak Out Kids Are Taking It To The Next Level

Oh man. RAISIN’ THE STAKES! What is going to be next for these guys? “Did you think that the freakout videos might have hurt your chances in this year’s Presidental election?” “No, I mean, I just kind of feel like, you know, that people would make the right choice in the ballot box and they did. Now I am the President of the United States and stuff and, like, GOD DAMN IT NOW I AM HAVING A REAL FREAK OUT THAT IS NOT FAKE AT ALL.” Believable! Obviously, these can’t be fake, because…you couldn’t fake something in exactly the same way that many times in a row? Stephen may be the world’s greatest freakout kid*, but his brother is clearly the world’s greatest logic kid.

Oh, but SIDENOTE: you would think that with the millions of views on their videos and whatever company is sponsoring this viral marketing campaign for Diet Rage Drinks or whatever this is, that they could GET A BETTER CAMERA. These things always look like they were filmed on a walkie-talkie.

*For now.