Uh Oh, My Ninjas, Dad Discovered Horrorcore

Obviously, horrorcore is the worst, and people who paint their faces like genuine actual garbage clowns are hilarious. But somehow I feel so defensive of horrorcore while watching this segment. You leave horrorcore alone, you old, out-of-touch neden holes! With your silly, Specs Howard voices and your casual, racist insinuations that rap music and gang violence are inextricably linked. Then again, when that guy from Kung Fu Vampire (See you at New Moon tonight, bro!) uses a junior high school-caliber epiphany to turn the whole thing back on the news team by explaining that the mainstream media’s reporting of violence makes the evening news the grandfather of all horrorcore (WHOOOOOA), I quickly went back to hating the people in the horrorcore scene. So, I guess I just hate everyone in this segment. (Thanks for the tip, Rana and Kim.)