It is Time To Vote In The 2009 Gummy Awards!

I am excited to announce, in partnership with our sister site,, the opening of this year’s Gummy Awards ballot boxes. It is time once again to come together as a family and determine through the democratic (sort of) process what our majority-rule favorite things in this world are at least at the moment. Again this year, in addition to Stereogum’s music categories, we have some pretty exciting Videogum-related categories to vote on:

  • Best Movie
  • Best TV Show
  • Best Web Video

Neat! We were going to offer a “Best Kiss” category, but apparently MTV has trademarked that important award. Probably. I don’t actually know whether or not the “Best Kiss” category is a trademark owned by MTV, but I do know that it is a ridiculous category for an award, and that MTV doesn’t even make any sense anymore. It’s a channel about stupid people? And the M stands for MySpace? I don’t know.

The way the Gummy Awards work is, as always, simple. Just go to and use the simple auto-fill fields (special thanks to SkyNet for the mind-reading technology) to vote in each category. You can also write-in any candidate if your selection does not seem readily available. The only category in which you must choose from a fixed, pre-determined list of nominees is the Web Video category, for the same reasons as described last year. One lucky winner will be selected at random, and boy oh boy, “lucky” is the right word! (Who wrote this post? Alfalfa?) This year we are giving away an Apple TV, and one bottle of 2007 Peanut Riesling, and Gummy voters’ top 50 albums of the decade on vinyl courtesy of Insound, for the music-loverz.

One vote per person, and voting is open until 6PM EST, 12/2/2009. Good luck! And most of all: have fun! (Voting on-line? How do you have fun doing that? You won’t know until you tryyyyyy!)