That’s Your Boyfriend: Nick

It’s not unusual in a relationship for one person in the relationship to not get along with the other’s friends as much as the other person in the relationship might like. And sure, it can be difficult to inherit a group of strangers and be expected to immediately form a meaningful bond with them based solely on the fact that you have a meaningful bond with someone that they know. But you must at least recognize, as a caring participant in a meaningful relationship, how important these friends are to your loved one, and how your effort to get along with his or her friends is actually a demonstration of your effort in the relationship. And if you still find yourself having trouble establishing a relationship with your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s friends, then find a quiet, subtle way to excuse yourself from uncomfortable situations. What you should NOT do is constantly make fun of them for being a machine and insisting it’s not even possible to be friends with a machine anyway when clearly it IS possible since some of us are friends with him and maybe even best friends. And don’t roll your stupid eyes, or make snide remarks about the machine’s weight as if that is any of your business, and definitely don’t break them completely by tampering with their voltage regulator override circuit buttons on the back of their heads. Now your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s friends don’t even remember how to BE friends, much less any of their nice songs about God. Thanks a lot, Nick. Maybe you should spend a little less time on stiltedly ruining everything, and a little more time focusing on building that giant pile of broken wood (?).

What do you even see in him? Besides the hair?

P.S. Flippy and Floppy are also your boyfriends.