This Is Your Music Video: Puddle Of Mudd’s “Spaceship”

I remember in a survey course I took in college (that’s right, I’ve been to college!) about the comparative politics of communism, socialism, and fascism, that the professor suggested that for communism in its purest and most idealistic form to truly take root and succeed as a sociopolitical system, everyone in our small, slightly stuffy classroom would have to die. The point was that communism was completely at odds with capitalism in such a way that capitalists and anyone raised in a capitalist society would never truly be able to relinquish their stranglehold on their precious personal material wealth. It goes against everything that the capitalist system believes and encourages. In order to truly believe (and communism demands fierce belief) that we are all equal, participating members in a society built for the common good, it would demand entire generations of people raised in such a society, believing in it on base principle. And so, it could only be through the death of the capitalists that communism would achieve its true potential as a beneficent social structure.

Similarly, I don’t think we can ever move forward as a society until everyone who likes this video dies. Workers against Puddle of Mudd of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose. Literally. Nothing. You can even keep your ALICE IN CHAINS! (Ugh. Sorry.)