Y2K Comes Earlier And Earlier Every Year

On the one hand I think it’s weird that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and the stores are already putting up their Y2K decorations. But on the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to be reminded as early as possible in the year to stock up on your Y2K ham and paper plates, because next thing you know it’s December 31st and the stores are closing early and your guests will be here any minute, and you just don’t have time to install a water-purification unit in the backyard. And remember, you’re not going to get too far if you can’t open your cans! “Hi, I’m a roving gang of cannibals, what is that in your hand, an electric can opener? Nice try, I just raped your face. With my teeth.” That’s the kind of thing you’re going to be hearing if you don’t Y2PREPARE!