Saturday Night Live: January Johnoes!

If there is one thing that this weekend’s episode of SNL reminded us of, it is that January Jones has one of the best faces in the game right now. Great face! Excellent, excellent face. Unfortunately, she might have to keep it closed. I mean, did you see that? She could barely get through her lines (what few lines she even had) without stumbling or giggling, and even then she stumbled and giggled with low energy and zero affect. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a Saturday Night Live host who was so blatantly propped up in a corner so that he/she wouldn’t be in the way of the cast putting on an actual show. It was so rough that I started to wonder what Henry Francis even sees in her!

But the thing about great, beautiful faces is that if the face is good enough, then you can still probably get something decent out of having them around, and that is what happened.

Like, this was funny. And it was pretaped, so you could edit out all of the unnecessary giggling and the parts where her energy was so low that you couldn’t actually hear her lines (actual thing that was happening).

And this sketch from the end of the episode really blew the lid off of what we will put up with from a January Jones face, which is a lot. We will sit through a nightmare picnic, or even watch an entire episode of her fumbling!

But this was probably my favorite sketch of the night. January didn’t have to do much, so that helped.

All in all it was a decent enough episode. Even if January Jones wasn’t very funny, or even very good at providing a celebrity foil for other people to be funny around, there were some bright moments (see above). And obviously, you can’t take her face away from her, and it has always been her strongest asset. Besides, the Black Eyed Peas provided plenty of laffs. What is wrong with them? It is as if their eyes finally stopped working (after their ears gave out on them years ago), and now they just blindly dress in garbage from the Velcro Scraps Factory before getting up on stage and making terrible sounds come out of their silly bodies. “We’re gonna finally win this year’s Talent Show over at 1998’s Concept Of The Future High School For Troubled Adults, in space.” Sure you are.