Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I really can’t deal with the Rashida Jones aspect of Parks and Recreation. Don’t get me wrong, Rashida Jones is very good at having a really pretty face, and I don’t mind that she is on TV, or even on that show. Good for her! But the completely forced conceit that she is a normal nurse who just happens to spend all her time at the municipal building, submitting murinal ideas to the city council? No. I know that I have complained about this before, but it is only getting worse. And this season of Parks and Recreation is great! It is such a funny show that I laugh at when I am watching it, but when last night’s episode centered around a Parks Department side project in which Rashida Jones, a civilian, was completely and thoroughly involved in the planning, the inter-office banter, the presentation, and just everything, I kept yelling at the TV screen. Yelling! An adult! A grown man yelling at his TV during a sitcom in 2009. We can do better, you guys. All I want is a little honesty with my mockumentary.

But it was still a good night, all in all, TV-wise.

Community was great. Plenty of laffs. Cool Abed Films are some of the best films. The Office had one of its slipped-the-rails episodes, but it was still TBS very funny. “Crazy world, lots of smells.” Although, is it just me, or is that show getting almost TOO uncomfortable to watch? I love awkward silences and the hilarity of HUMAN DISCOMFORT as much as the next guy, but eesh! The Office should probably change its name to The Mega-eesh!

Oh, and of course there was this:

I wish she was the new cast member of TGS. And by TGS, I of course mean The Gabe Swillyoumarrryme.

Am I right?