The Touching* Farewell Montage That Hank Deserves**

As you may have heard earlier this week, Kelsey Grammer’s most recent sitcom, Hank, has been canceled. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!*** But yes. Hank was a flower that flew too close to the sun, or whatever****. So thank you to SlapClap for making this moving and important tribute*****.

What is this world coming to?****** First 9/11 and now this*******. Based on this description of a recent episode from the official website, I don’t even understand how this is possible********!

Hank has had it with Tilly’s annoying habit of saying “got it, got it, got it,” but is afraid to discuss the issue directly with her, so he recruits his ever-so-subtle brother-in-law, Grady, to approach her about the problem.

Canceled?! ABC was just like let’s throw all this gold********* away, we don’t want it! Goodbye, Hank, you will be missed**********!

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