Vampires Kill People, Not Animals

Oh, look, it’s a new Peta ad starring Twilight’s own Christian Serrato. It’s very effective, I’m sure, since it combines an interest in the ethical treatment of animals with everyone’s first love of paranormal undead immortal metaphors for sexual awakening. Neat! Besides, everyone knows that vampires are deeply moral creatures, who worry a lot about political statements and making the world a better place. (Huh? Also why am I talking about vampires as if they are not just hilarious make-believe?)

One quick thing, though, WHO WEARS FUR ANYMORE? I mean, I am sure that there are a few 95-year-old widows who claim that their longevity is due to drinking a stiff Gimlet every day at 4:30 and never going outside without their mink, but maybe Peta should start to focus on some of their more convincing issues, like industrialized farming, and the cruelty of America’s meat industry. Especially if they’re going to appeal to children? “For Christmas this year, Sally wants a pair of Robert Pattinson underwear, and floor-length fur coat.” No she doesn’t.

I do love, though, when any advertising campaign, for good or evil, has to skirt around the issue of licensing rights. “What? She just happens to be standing in a very spooky looking mist-filled forest. It could be anything. There’s absolutely no reason to think that this is a deliberate rip-off of Twinight: Blue Moon.” Nailed it. “Nailed what?” (Via HuffingtonPost.)