Seth MacFarlane Tired Of Jeff Dunham Getting All The Negative Attention

When we think of human garbage and national nightmares these days, we mostly think of Jeff Dunham. But it appears that all of that negative attention on Dunham has finally gotten to Seth MacFarlane, who wants his title as “The Worst” back. And last night’s special on FOX, Family Guy Presents: Seth And Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show was certainly a step in THE WORST direction. Did you guys see this thing? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU, AMERICA? The past few weeks have been a non-stop Disaster Fest, and you’re all laughing and clapping along. It is literally nuts! We are all the Mayors of Garbage Town and there isn’t a jail big enough to contain us all. “I used to think 30 Rock and The Office were funny, until I realized that they weren’t blatantly racist and homophobic and anti-semitic enough. Because THAT is comedy.” Right, America? That’s you.

“I disguise my hate with laugh tracks.”
–America, 1776-2012

Anyway, the whole half hour of this thing, I was all like:

Meanwhile, America was like:

Of course, the most talked about moment on the show was when Seth and Alex did their classic Marlee Matlin calls Moviefone bit, followed by an ALL NEW Marlee Matlin sings “Poker Face” bit.

Huh? Oh, I get it, she is deaf, and deaf people sound stupid. “I felt bad for laughing, but then Marlee Matlin came out and I felt great about laughing!” Good work, everyone. The best part about this was how the joke was very specific to Marlee Matlin, bringing in her talent and recognition as an actress. It wasn’t just a 14-year-old lacrosse player in the cafeteria making fun of how deaf people sound at all. It was very thought out and had a very unique perspective! I wonder how many full grown adults in 2009 it took to write this bit. Probably 100!

Ugh. What a misery. Is this what you think is funny, America?

Get it? Kermit is gay and he has AIDS. It’s funny because Philadelphia was a movie? My belly hurts from all this laughing. Wait, no, that’s not laughing. That is barfing!

And then there was this:

A classic comic bit where we spend 4 minutes building up to one big punchline, which is that Alex Borstein is actually lucky the holocaust happened, because the holocaust killed millions of Jewish women who might have moved to the United States–or had children–who competed for jobs as comedians in Los Angeles. I guess we all win, because with all those dead Jews, we get to enjoy this show! LOLOLOLOL.

I honestly feel like I have been taking crazy pills for the past few weeks! What is happening around here? I’m all for pushing buttons and bringing everyone’s differences out into the open and being able to talk and laugh about them, but that is not what this show or The Jeff Dunham Show have been about. They have been about lazy, careless hatred hidden behind cartoons and puppets. And apparently everyone loves it more than anything.