Uh, Nice Try, Chris Brown

For those of you who don’t know, Chris Brown is an American singer and dancer, who earlier this year was arrested on charges of beating his girlfriend, Rihanna, repeatedly in the face in a parked Ferrari before running away into the night. For months, Chris Brown remained silent on the issue, assuming for some strange reason that everyone should leave him alone about the whole thing, as if being caught punching your girlfriend in the face a ton was the same thing as being photographed coming out of a Starbucks. These poor celebrities and their lack of privacy! Now, obviously, the situation between Chris Brown and Rihanna is primarily a personal one, and no amount of public apology from Brown would ever change the very private work he is going to need to repair his personal relationships, not just with Rihanna, but with friends and family who are now coming to terms with his violent tendencies. But it is not weird that people were upset about this, or that they somehow want some kind of genuine emotional and perhaps legal repercussions for Chris Brown. And him going on Larry King, or picking up some leaves, is not really going to cut it.

Which might be why he is now turning to making videos with cute children.

Aww! Chris Brown isn’t a monster at all, he didn’t even punch that kid in the face before putting his hands around its throat and threatening to kill it! Would a monster make a pandering non-violent video starring adorable children in order to improve his completely demonized public image just as he is about to drop a new album in an attempt to revitalize his tattered career?

Nice try, Chris Brown. You asshole. (Via ONTD.)