That’s Your Wine: Jeff Dunham Wine

“Honey, how many bottles of Achmed syrah should I order for the dinner party tomorrow night? Well, sure, a case, but we’ll go through that, you know how Tom drinks, and if we’re going to spend the money on shipping anyway, we should probably get some to set aside just for everyday wine, no? Maybe a case of the Achmed and a case of the Peanut riesling? You know what, honey, nevermind, I’m just going to order 1,000 cases of all three Jeff Dunham wines, which exist and are real, and are my favorite wines. What we don’t drink at the dinner party we can save for our children, as part of their inheritance. It’s collectible, you know. Oh, but now that we’ve got the wine thing sorted out, how many Bubba J iPods Nano do you want?”