Bangs Addresses The Haters

A couple of weeks ago, we all enjoyed the video for Bangs’s “Take U 2 Da Movies,” and since then it has gone on to become a Genuine Internet Sensation. Everyone loves Bangs’s gentle lyrics about buying popcorn, not to mention his tight flow. (Take notes, Chamillionaire.) He’s our generation’s Eli Porter! Now, an Australian news site has an interview with the Best Rapper on the Internet. From Channel 9:

A 19-year-old Melbourne rapper says he “feels amazing” after his song “Take U 2 Da Movies” — an ode to cinema dates and popcorn — became a global internet sensation.

The music clip has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube since it was featured on popular viral video websites this week.

Ajak Chol, aka Bangs, told ninemsn he has been offered several record deals with major labels in Australia and the US since his career skyrocketed.

“It’s crazy. First there were 30 or 40 views. Now it’s getting more and more every day,” Bangs said.

“Hip hop is in my heart and soul, I’m so happy.”

Yessssss! It’s the feel good story of the morning! You the best for this one, Bangs. But there is more than just joy in Bangs’s heart, there is also some words for the haters:

Bangs said he was aware that as well as being popular, “Take U 2 Da Movies” has also been widely mocked online.

“There are a lot of haters out there,” he said.

“But it’s not easy doing what I do. They are just saying that because they don’t know how to make music.”

“I just do my thing. Let them talk.”

You go, Bannnnngs! But let us get back to the part where this is an awesome success story:

Bangs’ online popularity has clearly transferred into the real world — with massive queues when he made a special appearance at a recent gig in Melbourne.

An employee at the Prince of Wales hotel told ninemsn “it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.”

“Joke or not a joke — the place was inundated with people,” the employee said.

Bangs said his songs had earned him a very eager female following — with many asking him out on dates.

“Now they want to take me to the movies!” he said.

Although he has a girlfriend, he admits fame presents other opportunities.

“I love the ladies. It’s hard to be with one girl for too long.”

Bangs, originally from Sudan, came to Melbourne in 2004 as a refugee. He said many of his songs are tributes to his Sudanese “homeboys”.

“I miss my homeboys, I miss everything in Sudan. But here is good too, a lot of people want to help me.”

Bangs will appear at the Good God Small Club in Sydney on December 5.

He said he would not sign any record deals until he was sure he could trust those involved.

“Now they want to take me to the movies!” he said. So good. Susan Boyle of hip hop. Some dreams really do come true.

WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER :)! (Thanks for the tip, Daniel.)