Kids Make Amazing Videos Starring Their Dolls Singing About Burritos The Darndest Things

Thousands of young Americans enter film school every year with the hope of making the next Citizen Kane (but this time, “Rosebud” is a pair of rollerblades!). Most of them, of course, won’t succeed as directors, and will eventually find themselves moving on to more reliable work in other fields, or toiling in the belly of the entertainment industry, or writing a pop culture blog. So it must be discouraging to these hopeful and ambitious young artists to realize that this little girl, with nothing more than a video camera, a couple of American Girl dolls, and a song about the best burrito she has ever had, just created something better than anything they will ever do in their entire frustrated and unsatisfying lives.

Seriously, if I could marry this video, I would. But it’s not legal. Thanks a lot, MAINE. (Via Julie Klausner.)