Oy Vey! This Movie Looks Terrible!

A few days ago, comedian Nick Kroll posted a funny Twitter:

I just saw a billboard for a new play called “oy vey, my son is gay!” what’s it about?! What religion is everyone in this play?!

Haha. A classic case of “show, don’t tell” done perfectly.

Well, apparently that play has been turned into a movie? And there is a trailer on-line (sent in via Videogum Tips Hall-of-Famer, Amil), and oh boy. While you might not think that it would be possible for a movie called Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay! to actually be worse than that name, which is literally the worst name, the movie looks so much worse than the title! You’ll be saying “Hey, cool title,” after you watch this trailer. My eyes are still kvetching! (“Kvetching” is Yiddish for “bleeding vomit.”)

So the point of this movie is that Jewish parents can be just as depressingly unaccepting of their children as Christian parents? Got it. Was anyone else impressed with how convincing Big Pussy seems as a guy who doesn’t like gay people? Acting! It is nice to see Jai Rodriguez getting some work again, though. I’m sure that things have been kind of rough ever since the Giving Straight Guys Unnecessary Advice On How To Look People In The Eyes With Confidence Or Whatever Industry collapsed.

Also, John Roberts already made Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!.