That’s Your Boyfriend: The President?

Huh? I don’t know! Although I will say this: whoever made this video deserves to date whoever they want. As long as they don’t murder and eat them afterward! I also appreciate that they used as broad of a definition of “President” as possible to also include Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State, egomaniacal dictators, and Popes. In this modern day of blurry gender roles and self-determined sexuality, it’s important not to impose our value judgments on president-sexuals. They want the same things we want: love, security, and to be dating someone that respects them for who they are while simultaneously being either a President, or very close to a President, depending on a country’s chosen (or imposed) form of government. Preferably one with a big MANDATE! (No politico.)

(Thanks for the tip, Godsauce and Andy.)