Best New Party Game 11

OK, this is easily my favorite Party Game of all time. It is so weird! Who thought of this? Why aren’t they president of something, with an annual salary of low to high millions? I would not be surprised if whoever thought of this gets a call from the MacArthur Foundation. “We’re gonna need a bigger genius grant!” SO GOOD!


Huh? WHAT A WEIRD GAME. And yet it is so so fun. What, you hate fun? C’mon, son! So, #cowfilms, for example:

  • Bitter Moo
  • Rebel Without A Cows
  • Last Tango in Pasture
  • Grazing Day
  • Milk

Sorry I took all the good ones and won this game before it even began! Too bad so sad! I promise you, though, that this is all you will do today. GOODNIGHT.