Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Oh man. Another great week in Videogum Commenter History. Good work, goblins. Starting your own party games? Making lists? Who knew! And then there were the actual comments: TBS Very Funny. So how appropriate that we celebrate everyone’s hard work on today, the most important day on the Monster Calendar. Halloween is basically Yom Kippur for you creeps. Except instead of fasting and atoning for your sins, you eat all the candy and dress up like Steve Zisou. Close enough!

After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as selected by you, the Lowest Rated comment, and the Editor’s Choice. SPOOKY, SCARY!

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

Posted by: Copperfeel-d in response to Best New Party Game 10
Score = 81


I think it’s for the added “vampire effect” when you unexpectedly start your period.


Posted by: That One in response to Robert Pattinson Underwear, Ladies (You’re Gross, Ladies)
Score = 84


Gabe: Pig in the City

Posted by: humunculoser in response to Best New Party Game 10
Score = 106


Watson YOUR Wallet?

Posted by: jimjbollocks in response to Can We Even Come Up With A Worse Tagline For Sherlock Holmes?
Score = 114


Sherlock and Load

Posted by: oh. in response to Can We Even Come Up With A Worse Tagline For Sherlock Holmes?
Score = 139

[Ed. note: what is there to say? You did it! It’s especially nice on weeks where all the comments are just straight up jokes and not, you know, animated-GIFs of a bear walking through a liquor store. I’m not saying the animated GIFs aren’t also great, they are also great, but you know what I mean. That bear shouldn’t be drinking alcohol anyway! It’s not for bears!]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment


Because Owen Wilson didn’t successfully kill himself.

Posted by: ghostrobot in response to You Be The Blog: Wes Anderson Edition
Score = -46

[Ed. note: Boo, ghostrobot. MEGABOO.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice


Well, it only took 25 years, but someone finally choreographed the perfect dance to Ray Parker Jr.’s masterpiece.

Posted by: magsweeto in response to The Very Best Pumpkin Head Halloween Dance Of All Time In The World

[Ed. note: on the one hand, haha. On the other hand, it’s true. You can’t rush perfection. Sometimes you don’t even realize how all the pieces fit together until you stand back and the puzzle is complete, revealing a picture of a man in a tiny pumpkin head, wearing a black unitard, doing the very best pumpkin head Halloween dance of all time in the world. And it is beautiful.]