Mickey Rourke Wins The Halloween Costume Contest Of My Nightmares

This is a picture of Mickey Rourke from last night, dressed up for a Halloween party at some club. Pretty cool costume! I think it’s really neat that while everyone else is going as Sexy Candy Bar or Sexy Wallet, he’s going as The Horrible Result of A Lifetime of Poor Decisions.

Seriously? You guys? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely TERRIFYING, but also HUH? And I know that it is wrestling a little below the belt to say this, but prior to this picture I did not think that there was a way to make Mickey Rourke’s face look any more unsettling or disastrous. But Mickey Rourke, who is a Certified Professional Mickey Rourke’s Face Fuck Up Artist, proved me wrong. He definitely looks even more unsettling and even more disastrous.

“I’m just a broken down piece of meat covered in grease paint for some reason.”
–Mickey Rourke, 1952-2012

Oh wait, I think I get it. He’s going as Edward Normal Hands. YIKES. (More photos here.)