Providing A Non-Hate Crimey Alternative To Jeff Dunham

Look, my reasons for disliking Jeff Dunham are clear. For the most part, it has less to do with the whole ventriloquism being an antiquated and not particularly funny “art form” thing, and almost everything to do with his unapologetic use of hate speech against gays, blacks, Jews, and women thing. But some people are probably saying, “Hey, I get it, Jeff Dunham is a hate-monger. But I love puppets and I love laughing at ventriloquism. Personally I find it to be as vibrant and compelling as ever. I also make my own butter.” Well, for those of you, might I offer a choir performing a Beatles cover using their ventriloquist dummies on Hungarian television?

See? You can still enjoy ventriloquism without all of the overt bigotry! Even Jeff Dunham fans could probably enjoy this, as long as they don’t see the black ventriloquist in the back row. (Thanks for the tip, Edith and Caroline.)