David Spade Is Sorry That People Don’t Realize How Cool The Dead Chris Farley Ad Is

So, David Spade has finally sent his publicist home, and emerged from his hot tub to speak out personally about the Direct TV ad featuring his dead friend Chris Farley. From People:

When he agreed to do a DirecTV commercial featuring a scene from Tommy Boy with the late Chris Farley, actor David Spade never dreamed anybody would be offended.

“Slight shock,” Spade told PEOPLE on Wednesday night of the fallout from the ad, which some commentators saw as tasteless. “These commercials are cool. They’re well done. They’re clever. And that they would include Tommy Boy in that company, I thought was very flattering.”

Spade says featuring Tommy Boy in a commercial series that also has scenes from Back to the Future and Aliens “is so cool” since “we made this thing and people still talk about it.”

“Oh, my God if [Farley] was here, I guarantee he’d be stoked that this little movie is included,” says Spade. (Farley died in 1997 of heart failure linked to an overdose.) “The movie is important to me, and I would hate to offend [anyone] because that’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. So I would apologize to someone who took it that way.”

OK, well, it would be unfair to complain about David Spade hiding behind his publicist when he should be making his own statement and then to simply mock the statement that he does give. So, we should all be gracious and accept David Spade’s apology, and thank him for taking some time out of his busy hot tub schedule to respond to this IMPORTANT controversy. (That is the main thing about this, is how important it is.) But, just for the record, these ads are NOT cool! Come on, David Spade. And it is not flattering to have your movie be…part of…Direct TV’s ads? Huh?

You think that this is cool, David Spade?

When David Spade saw that he got out his Sidekick II and he called Chris Kattan and was like “I just saw the coolest thing.”

You think that this is cool, David Spade?

“Hey, Rob Schneider, it’s David Spade. Check your email, I just sent you the coolest thing.”

I just feel like we need to be really clear here, as human beings, in recognizing that there is nothing “flattering” about your work being manipulated and repurposed in order to sell people something they don’t need. And even if it was flattering, which it absolutely is not, one thing that separates these other ads from the David Spade ad is that the other ads feature ZERO DEAD PEOPLE.

And if Chris Farley was here, David Spade, he might be stoked (really, 2009, stoked?) to have Tommy Boy included in a cheesy advertising campaign for a cable company (super-stokes), but I bet that he would really be stoked to NOT BE DEAD. Just saying.