Martha Stewart Does Not Watch Mad Men

Christina Hendricks appeared on Martha, and then things got kind of uncomfortable.

The “I thought you were so much older” line is a total diss. If only Christina Hendricks had had the foresight to have the Greatest Martha Guest in the History of Martha, Amy Sedaris, on the other end of an earpiece giving her verbal sparring advice, she might have been able to come back with something sharper, like, “REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE IN JAIL?” But the best part of this clip is when Martha Stewart asks Christina Hendricks if her character on Mad Men, Joan, loves her husband on the show. “Oh, you mean the verbally abusive, dismissive husband that raped me on the floor of Don Draper’s office last season? That husband? Do I love the awful rape-husband? Weirdly enough, I don’t love him. The writers on that show are terrible!” It’s OK, Martha. Lots of people don’t watch Mad Men. Granted, most of them don’t interview people from the show and ask them questions about the show, and if they did they might do some research beforehand, but, you know, you’re very busy (not being in jail anymore).

Or, Martha Stewart LOVES Mad Men, and just revealed that she has a very unorthodox view of rape!