George Lopez Is A Pee-Pee Head

As you know, George Lopez is getting his own 10PM talk show on TBS this fall, because apparently 2009 is the year that TV finally tries to kill 10PM once and for all. Between this and The Jay Leno Show, it is only a matter of time before 10PM kills itself. (Correction: 11PM talk show. It’s like that REM song, “Everyone Confuses.”)

But as if the idea of George Lopez getting his own 10PM talk show wasn’t bad enough, now a reader, Jeff, has sent in this ad from one of his favorite magazines. WOOF. I hope the marketing meeting where they came up with this concept didn’t take them too long. Because if someone was up until three in the morning eating Chinese take-out straight from the container and tossing crumpled up ideas across the room into the garbage can as they made the sound of a roaring crowd, I’m going to pull a Duck Phillips and implode.

Seriously, is this the worst ad ever made? It might be the worst ad ever made. This is basically our generation’s horrifying Lyndon Johnson “daisy” ad in that it makes me fear for the future of humanity and it also fills me with disgust.