Can We Even Come Up With A Worse Tagline For Sherlock Holmes?

Here’s the new Sherlock Holmes poster you guys have been waiting for so anxiously. “Where iz it, I cant waiiiiiiiit.” Is what you said on all your Sherlock Holmes Fan Forums. “OMG, Fans of Baskerville, who else is so excited that they feel high on snuff?” That was you again. On the Sherlock Holmes angelfire message boards.

This is an incredibly boring poster, but whatever. People are probably going to make their decisions on whether or not to see this movie based on whether or not they like Robert Downey Jr., or the work of Guy Ritchie, or Victorian era mysteries updated for a Rollerblade generation. Not the poster.

But, OOF, that tagline? “Holmes for the Holiday”? You are kidding us, right? Someone is kidding us. Good one, everybody. In a few years we’re going to laugh about what a good prank Improv Everywhere pulled when they changed all the Sherlock Holmes posters to make them have the worst tagline.

Like, is it even possible to think of a worse tagline than that? I’m not sure it is! It’s very, very bad. But, of course, we can try:

  • Elementary School Is Out For the Holidays, and Everyone Should Go See This Movie, My Dear Watson
  • Holmes Holmes Holmes, Merry Christmas!
  • Sherlock is My Holmesboy
  • He Knows If You Have Been Naughty, Or Mystery

No. “Holmes for the Holiday” is still the worst. You guys are welcome to try, but despite your ability to come up with impressively awful things on very short notice, I still have my doubts about your chances for success!