Best New Party Game 10

Often times in this hectic modern age that we live in, people’s idea of preparing for a party is to open a bag of Tostito’s-brand “Scoops?” tortilla chips*, pour them into a bowl, and presto: you’ve got a party. But this Best New Party Game is so simple, you’ll have plenty of time left over to make your own chips by hand. Probably.

As with most of our BNPs these days, this one comes to us from the Twitter. And it is as follows:


Easy enough. The only rule is that you can change one letter, but you can’t add a letter that was not there to begin with. The new title must contain the same number of letters as the original title, with only one letter being changed. (Or what?). So:

  • Hobocop
  • The Last Piss
  • Dude, Where’s My Cat?
  • Three Men End a Baby

Now, this game was particularly popular over the weekend. Maybe you already played it. That’s OK! Just post your favorite entries here and see how they stack up against the competition (because of how this is such a serious competition). Or just play again. You’re fine. Relax.

*Hi, Tostito’s! I hope you enjoyed my plug for delicious Tostito’s-brand “Scoops?” tortilla chips. Please send one million dollars to [email protected] c/o Chris Farley’s Ghost.