Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night was a classic textbook case of the Thursday Night Difficulty. That is to say, I got home late and knew that I would only have time to watch one show. But which show to watch? There are so many great shows on Thursdays again. What a golden era we live i! Treasures abound! I’m pretending like the Thursday Night Difficulty is a real thing, but it’s not a real thing, because the answer is 30 Rock. Without hesitation. 30 Rock, full engines ahead, as they say on the sea (they do not say that anywhere on the sea). And it was great. Lots of laffs (“I don’t know if you saw the crawl on the TV Guide Channel…” “if your man has seven cell phones and he won’t give you any of the numbers”), a cameo by Jon Glaser, and it even had an Easter egg for the superfans:

The Easter egg is a puppy and we’re all the superfans. Of puppies. PUPPY TOWN!

Boy, it is clearly Friday. Anyway, how were the other shows? Great I bet. Isn’t TV great? BFFs forever.