Happy One Week Anniversary, Bubble Boy

Today marks the one week anniversary of Falcon Heene entering into our lives and our hearts and very quickly exiting our hearts. We hate that guy! Not really, though. Who we hate is Richard Heene. What a bad dad. He was always a bad dad, one assumes, but up until a week ago he was a Secret Bad Dad. Going to court for domestic violence and assault, making his weird Box Talk basement pilots, encouraging his children to make terrible and homophobic rap videos they’re not even old enough to understand, putting them in a truck and driving them into a tornado. Wife Swap. And now this nightmare stunt all to get a reality show? Who do you think you are, Improv Everywhere?

It is funny how Richard Heene was an avid storm chaser and now he has found himself in a MEDIA STORM! (Sorry.) But seriously, what a week, huh Heenes? Your family is basically ruined, you know. That’s sad. Although it’s probably for the best. You guys were too nuts! Nuts always finds its level. Level = jail. Nuts always finds its jail. I’m saying: go to jail. You’re driving us all crazy.

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