Heather Graham Is Not The Public Option

I’m not a political scientist. I know that might confuse a lot of you who have been reading this blog for awhile thinking that this was a blog about politics written by a prominent political scientist. Nope! I just happen to share Thomas Hobbes’s opinion that Glenn Beck smells like farts. But so, I’m obviously not qualified to speak with any authority about the health care debate. Not that you need to be a political scientist to speak thoughtfully on the subject (oh boy, here come the rhetorical knots and the self-conscious loop-dee-loos), but I’m probably even less informed on the whole subject than your average regular scientist (those who study chemistry, biology, and Weird Science). I do think that children deserve health care. That seems like kind of a no-brainer to me. They are children after all. Tiny, helpless, wolf-suit wearing children. I also think that poor people should have health insurance. They are poor. There are a lot of things in their lives that are perpetual sources of misery. Their ability to remain among the living should not be one of them. Actually, you know what? I really think everyone deserves health care. It’s 2009, you guys. If we can have realistic looking dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie, surely we can fix people when they are broken.

But I understand that the issue is very complicated (kind of, I mean, people are making it very complicated on purpose), and certainly this PSA in which Heather Graham stars as the Public Option is not helping anything.

So all of the insurance companies need to put down the cheeseburgers, rip off their clothes, and chase after the girl in the (basically) Boogie Nights costume, because everyone deserves to have access to the stripper from The Hangover? Is it just me, or does Move On preach squarely and exclusively to the choir? (Also, that is your choir.)