Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

[In this new feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

It seems obvious that our culture is dangerously obsessed with celebrity. Famous people have long given up any semblance of a private life, as they are followed by a gaggle of aggressive, invasive paparazzi from one Starbucks to another Starbucks (to another Starbucks). Picking up dog shit on the beach. Whatever. Now, even non-famous people who have been on television suffer the same fate, and gladly! Want to see photos of some sad girl from a forgotten season of The Bachelor putting gas into her 1996-model economy car? You can! And she would be thrilled. Unattractive people with no discernible talent are rushing at the chance to make their lives a living hell. And this year things seem to have rapidly gotten worse than ever before. The Octo-mom? Jon & Kate? These are living monsters invading our homes out of selfishness, greed, misunderstanding, and existential dread. And now we have Richard Heene, who tried to convince the world that his six-year-old son was trapped in a balloon of his own design, miles above the Earth. Trapped! In the sky! Moments from death! An innocent child! All for a chance to be on a reality TV show? Didn’t anyone tell him that reality TV shows are the worst and that everyone who is on them is assholes? Hopefully someone in jail will be able to tell him that. Correct his mistake. Anally. The point is: things really seem to get getting out of control!

Oh, hey, speaking of our cultural obsession with celebrity: what is up with Topher Grace?

Not very much. Last week was a pretty big week for the T-Man, what with the announcement of his being cast in Robert Rodriguez’s reboot of the Predator franchise, and the BREAKING NEWS that he was seen playing air guitar at a bar somewhere. This week, one assumes that Topher Grace is enjoying some quality time with friends and family following the PN (Predator News), and maybe doing some ballistics training or something. Beefcake!

But while we wait for word to come down from Grace Camp, here is a fan made drawing of Topher Grace as his beloved character Eric Forman, from Flickr user idle_idol:

The best part is that the drawing was made THIS YEAR. Of course it was. Bartender, a round of high fives for my Grace-iacs.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular (more than we knew, apparently) in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. See you next time!